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If we look more closely at home affordability in Millbrae, we see that the house price to income ratio is 10.5, which is above the national average of 9.9%, but still below the national average. Last year, the rate of home appreciation in the Millrae area was 9% (or $9.9), and the five-year rate of appreciation was 13.2%. The median price of a home in Mill Brae is $1,037,400, or $2,073,000 in 2010, or 1.1% more than in the past five years.

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Central Park is located east of the Recreation Center and is considered Millbrae's main recreational area. There is also plenty of grass for running, walking, catching and more. This is supported by a comprehensive red light camera program and protected from red light.

Residents have plenty of fun to fill their days with activities, from the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival to the annual Summer Festival, residents can spend their day in the park. See the art exhibits on display at Millrae's Art and Wine Festival over Labor Day weekend. Enjoy libations and food and drinks from local restaurants and bars that will fill your stomach.

The exhibition, run by Millbrae Historical Society, offers all sorts of things and memorabilia that tell the story of the town. The Millrae Train Museum is a unique attraction in Millbrae, as it is operated by a different organisation from the one that runs the Millbraa History Museum.

Take the SamTrans SFO lines 397 and 713 or the private shuttle service to Millbrae - San Francisco International Airport (SMIA) and San Jose International Airport. Use the SFA Sam Transits (Sam Transits 396, 711 and 393) or the SFIA Sam TRANSIT routes 492, 394, 511 and 513. Or you can use Samtrans routes 381, 497, 613 and 493 and the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (SFVTA).

BART has three tracks; the westernmost southbound track has a side platform, and the northbound tracks use half of the island platform shared with BART. The western track serves the east side of Caltrain's northern platforms and provides a direct link between the westbound and eastbound BART tracks at Millbrae and San Jose.

Richmond Line and Dublin - Pleasanton Line run to Millbrae Station on weekdays, weekdays and weekends. The line was taken over by Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) in the 1950s, which was part of the Southern California Railway (SCR) expansion into the Bay Area.

The Millbrae Historical Society has negotiated with Caltrain to use the building as a museum and to keep it in return. A new 1,000-seat museum building is being built on the site of the old Southern Pacific Railroad Station for $1.5 million. If the stake remains above expectations, SamTrans will have to pay a higher operating grant to BART than planned.

The Aquarium was founded in 1984 and is located on the former Millbrae Station site on the west side of San Francisco Bay. The aquarium benefits from the high circulation of fresh water from the pipes that are continuously pumped into Monterey Bay, as well as from a variety of other sources and from the high - circulating, fresh - seawater that is obtained for the aquarium by continuously pumping pipes into and out of Monterey Bay.

Other activities bring many people to this beautiful area during the summer months, such as the annual Millbrae Summer Festival and other summer activities.

Download the PDF version of the Millbrae, CA map so you can easily reach it when traveling over the Internet. If you do not have internet access, visit the public library to view the pictures and even offer a guided tour so we can get an idea of what we have to offer. So whether you are looking for a place to visit or not, you will have the option to find and save directions for future use.

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More About Millbrae