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The San Francisco Chronicler reported Friday that the new anti-gay marriage law, Proposition 8, will take effect on August 20. Same-sex marriage is banned in all California public schools, colleges and universities, according to the newspaper.

A group of restaurants in Contra Costa County has filed a lawsuit to overturn the ban on outdoor dining. Should they stay open, hire lawyers, and follow the example of Southern California restaurants that are taking legal action against the outdoor dining ban? Should we close them down to highlight the devastation of local gastronomy? If they are allowed to stay for a month, should they stay closed for the rest of the year, or should we follow suit?

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If you are staying outside of San Francisco and planning a trip to the city, the best hotels are those with public transportation. Millbrae Hotels include hotels in Mission District, South of Market and South Bay, and hotels near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The people of Millbrae have plenty of fun activities to fill their days with, and a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and restaurants in the city will keep your stomach full.

Family and friends are welcome, and suites and private dining rooms are available for visits and special occasions. Lunch is included in the meal plan for all residents of independent residential and assisted living, so they have the opportunity to enjoy lunch wherever they wish.

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Residents, including those who choose to live independently, will enjoy all the amenities of Millbrae California, including access to a private pool, spa, fitness center, fitness center and spa facilities. Staff and chefs prepare and serve in the classically furnished dining room, as well as in a fully equipped kitchen and bar.

While Liu specializes in Sichuan dishes, he has the ability to push the menu with other styles - a talent few Chinese chefs in the Bay Area have achieved. While many of the banquet dishes are prepared specifically for banquets, Liu focuses on the 140-point menu and is familiar with traditional Chinese dishes such as chiang bao and chiangbei abalone. This dish was perfected by Liu during his training and work at the famous Beijing Hotel, which houses the largest and most prestigious banquet hall in the world in China. He became nostalgic for some of these dishes, including braised abalones in a variety of dishes that were often served at royal banquets, as well as the famous "Chiang Bao" and "Bao - Chai" dishes.

Steamed Chao Zhao dumplings with scallops and pea shoots - this is a rather large dumplings filled with minced meat, peanuts and coriander. It looks a little pale, but it's full and satisfying enough to get you through, even if it looks like it. There are also a variety of other dishes, such as "Bao - Chai" and "Chao Zhao" - some of which are filling, others less so.

The "Empress Chicken Porridge" ($8) proved to be a solid version of rice porridge with rice flakes. It is presented in a shimmering broth thickened with chicken fat, giving it a smooth, buttery texture. Another course was the pork belly braised with chicken, which floats with egg white in an equally rich broth and sea cucumber.

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More About Millbrae