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The city is easily accessible from the Bay Area, allowing visitors to escape the big city and enjoy the history, beauty and cultural events of this hillside community. On Labor Day weekend, downtown Millbrae was transformed into one of the liveliest and most vibrant neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bring your skateboard to Millbrae Skate Park, located at 451 MillBrae Avenue, to test your skills on the park's concrete shells and ramps. Bring your footballs and play on the large field or hit the courts for a game of tennis.

This class offers students the opportunity to learn string instruments and to play in the middle school orchestra. Secondary school students who play clarinet or flute in a concert band can transfer their skills to the saxophone and thus have the opportunity to play a second instrument.

Students who take the time to demonstrate and explain playing techniques help to assess and improve their own musical abilities. We analyse the performance of compositions, including arrangements and improvisations, and apply criteria for personal listening and performance. Analyze notes from the music of musicians and composers as they relate to their musical styles and playing styles.

How many bands know Bon Lead and can seamlessly transition from a Journey song to a Bon Iver song? Chicago TRIBUTE is a great example of the ability to perform in a variety of musical styles and styles, even doing it all in one piece with just a few chords and a guitar.

The combination of expression, technique and musical emotion is like nothing you have ever heard before. Saxophonist and arranger Stephen Dreyfuss plays tenor and baritone and plays in jazz, pop and blues settings. Musical styles range from light jazz, folk and blue flavors to classic, Spanish, contemporary and traditional influences.

In the congregation he gave seven solo performances with the Fresno Philharmonic and prepared choirs for the orchestra's performances from 1964 to 1988. He has also sung with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Symphony and the Sacramento Symphony.

Dr. Huff was also active in opera and sang lead roles in operas at Stanford University, the San Francisco Symphony and the Los Angeles Symphony. Alicia has also appeared in several OSU operas, including Queen of the Night in Mozart's The Magic Flute and in a number of other opera productions.

Known for accompanying herself in opera arias and playing modern styles of techno and pop, Alicia is passionate about reinventing the face of the accordion in today's world. Their musical versatility is astonishing, ranging from standard jazz to Parisian and cafés to pop and techno.

Alicia is not only a headliner at major accordion festivals throughout North America, but has also won several international competitions and participated at the highest level at the world's most prestigious music festivals. US tour that has greatly influenced the music industry in the United States and around the world.

See the art exhibitions on display at the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival on Labor Day weekend. During the festival, make sure to visit the Art & Wine Showcase, a full day of art, music, food and entertainment. Enjoy the handovers and various art exhibitions featuring artisans and craftsmen from around the world, as well as food from local restaurants and breweries during the Millbraa Art, Wine & Wine Festival, which takes place on Labor Day weekend!

The aim this year is to discover and experience the magic of making music through musical activities and events. The teacher assigns a first repertoire to a small group and guides the students in acquiring improvisational skills. Finally, students can choose their own songs to rehearse with, or the teacher can re-orchestrate the songs for specific ensembles. Internet that downloads songs and guides students through a variety of music styles, from classical to jazz, as well as the ability to acquire improvised skills and practice with other students in the classroom.

The DJ service is very experienced in all kinds of music, has a good atmosphere and has experienced all kinds of events. To get started, open the app and log in - and play whatever your heart desires, whether you like classical, jazz, hip-hop, pop, rock or any other music genre.

It is important that you offer your guests a unique experience that they enjoy from start to finish. It is not just about making music, but also about offering guests a pleasant experience they will remember.

This is a necessary part of a complete music program and serves a wide range of students. If willing students at all levels have similar musical abilities, they can band together to play duets, trios and quartets. The students discover the magic of making music with their practice, which helps them develop their musical independence.

The Garf Uncle consists of drummer Pat Rundell, bassist / guitarist Mike Gaffney, guitarist / bassist and drummer / guitarist / percussionist John and Michael Gafney. The Garland uncle performs regularly at the Redwood City freewheeling brewery and also plays for the Silicon Valley Accordion Society.

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More About Millbrae