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A rare lightning strike struck Millbrae Valley early Monday morning, triggering several vegetation fires. At 4: 27 a.m., Cal Fire said there was an increased risk of fires and firefighters were looking for possible lightning strikes near Santa Rosa and San Bernardino counties.

Peak gusts of 74 km / h were reported over the Santa Cruz Mountains, and temperatures shot up to 108 in Gilroy, breaking the old record of 108 set in 1977. Downtown Sacramento reached 111 degrees on August 15, the highest temperature since 1920, when the temperature reached 108 degrees. Woodland Hills reached 112th at the time, and 104th last year. Napa reached a peak of 103 degrees on September 1, breaking the record of 102 degrees set in 1906, but temperatures at the University of California, San Francisco and UCLA all reached a peak of 92 degrees, with UCLA breaking its previous record for that date in 2003, when it was 90 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal State Fullerton, UCLA and UC Berkeley all set daytime highs in the mid-90s, while in San Jose, temperatures of 104 and 103 respectively broke the previous high for that date, when temperatures reached 104 in 1906.

Magnolia Millbrae is very satisfied with accommodation, food and atmosphere, but it is also one of the hottest nights of the year. This is probably the worst night in our city's history and probably in California's history, "tweeted the city's public relations director, John D'Amato.

Many tourists choose Millbrae for its advanced transit center, which can connect people to major cities and events in the Bay Area. Many of the shops and restaurants Millrae has to offer are located in downtown San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo County, which is just minutes from downtown.

Here you can see books, photos, artifacts and displays in the waiting room of the depot and the ticket office that belong to the railway history of the region. See some of the art exhibitions on display at the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival on Labor Day weekend. During the festival, make sure to visit the Art & Wine Showcase, a collection of over 100 artists from around the world. During the Millbraa Art / Wine Festival on Labor Day weekend, you can enjoy various art exhibitions with art and exhibits from the Millrae Art Museum and art galleries, and the beer garden, beer garden and food trucks will fill your stomach.

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Magnolia Millbrae is truly a luxury senior citizen community offering the most beautiful things in life, all in a safe and caring environment. The city is easily accessible from the Bay Area, so visitors can escape the big city and enjoy the history, beauty and cultural events that this hillside community has to offer. It is difficult to travel outside of suburban Santa Clara County without noticing the abundance of cyclists and runners in the area.

The Delta de Anza Regional Trail is 15 miles long and runs through the heart of Millbrae and the most scenic area of the San Francisco Bay Area. Named after the Ohlone Indians who once lived in the area, the trail serves as a commuter corridor for commuters and hikers alike. If you're looking for a gentle Marin County railroad track that offers scenic views of the Marin Valley and its beautiful scenery, the Tiburon Historical Trail may be the one for you.

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More About Millbrae